Will you marry me … Mrs. Ipod?

quick post! i came across this page minutes ago and thought it was so interesting. as if the ipod (and everything associated with it) hasn’t taken over our culture/lives… you can now introduce this ipod accessory into your MARRIAGE!

feast your eyes on these pictures folks! i give you… the iRING

union between .. human and machine

union between .. human and machine

ladies…. for you

in all fairness, this gadget does have some function and can be useful (to some). don’t let its stylish design fool you, it features wireless Bluetooth connectivity with your iPod and iPhone and allows you to control playback and volume on any of your Apple media devices. iRing also features a bright OLED status display with touch-sensitive function strip, and a rechargeable battery life of up to 2 days! you can recharge your iRing using the included cradle.

yay, truly ingenious! what will these tech savvy guys come up with next? the iRAN? (oh something anything… someone save their stock prices please.. i want to cry)

Oh when the weather outside is frightful, stay inside and toast some marshmallows

Oh when the weather outside is frightful, stay inside and toast some marshmallows

winter started quite early this year and it’s been oh so cold.  the warm thoughts of California – the beach and bonfires – keeps me sane.

if you can imagine what 30 degrees feels like, then you can understand why having bonfires and roasting marshmallows is impossible

luckily, while sulking in my heated room, I came across this nifty discovery – the electric marshmallow toaster.  YES! roasting my own marshmallows in the comfort of my room (ignore the risk of starting a fire for now). and for all you socal folks… *sigh* don’t even start…

cool gadgets with cool names.

so instead of studying for the two finals i have today i’ve decided to blog again…

i just saw this on yumsugar and thought it was pretty cool. it’s called an iceorb and it is the “first vertical ice tray.” it reminds me of a hello kitty ice tray i recently got that makes 3d hello kitty and friends shaped ice. i like the iceorb because if you watch the video, it shows you things you can use it for; dip or wine or ice cream and so on. i always hate having things sitting in bowls of melting ice because i feel like the water gets into the food. and i really don’t like runny, diluted dip… so for $16, you can have a funny looking container that serves mutiple purposes. it bothers me that this thing makes 21 ice cubes and the container only stores 51. why 51? why not 42 or 63? if you make 3 batches of ice what do you do with the extra 12? kind of like the whole 10 hot dogs and 8 buns in a pack thing. or something.

this site also has the poachpods that june reviewed before and i’m really fascinated by all the foodloop things. much cooler than twist ties.

written type.

i really love handwriting fonts. in high school i spent far too many hours downloading fonts on 1001freefonts. i loved the friends font, dad’s hand – just to name a few. i just love the way different handwriting looks and how different styles reflect every individual. i came across the fontifier website recently and thought it was so cool.

all you have to do is write all your letters and numbers and punctuation marks and what not in the template. scan, save, upload, preview, purchase, download, then install and voilà! your own handwriting ready for you to use on your computer. pretty nifty to have a truly personalized front for just $9.

take cover!

does anyone else kind of hate plastic wrap? not only do i hate feeling wasteful every time i uncover something to throw away, but half the time when i rip it out of its container, it gets stuck to itself and i have to pry it apart before covering a bowl. i’m probably just un-talented.

these reusable bowl covers are very economical and let you easily cover bowls without the hassle of plastic wrap! they come in a set of six, ranging in size from 3″ to 10″ (diameters). for $7.99 from always brilliant you can get 4 sets (24 tops)!

oink oink

pig headphones

nothing much to say, these piggy headphones are just super cute, available at geekstuff4u. you can purchase them in pink, black or white for $31.50 starting july 31. then you’ll have a piggy running through your head!

so when i think of a doorman i think of men in black suits standing guard in front of ritzy park avenue apartments and also the aladdin look-a-likes that open the doors to the hotels i stay at whenever i’m in thailand. when i saw this little guy i thought, “hey, i can sorta have my own ‘doorman’!” … not so much.

this ‘doorman’ doorstop is pretty interesting, standing almost a foot tall (11.5″) and made entirely of stainless steel. but my goodness, let me cut off my right arm for it! why is this $926??? i googled the designer, gaby klasmer, to see if she’s worth anything and i couldn’t find much except for this page that has more pictures of the doorstopper.

and june thought her banana peel doorstopper was pricey.